His secret Obsession Review[2021]- Discover what Men really wants

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his secret obsession

His Secret Obsession is a book written by a relationship expert. If you are a woman who wants to be in a serious relationship or are you having a problem in your relationship and you want your man to get back to you and love you with more affection than before? then His Secret Obsession book will help you more.

It is always a daunting task to maintain a healthy relationship among couples. 98% of couples claim that they no longer feel that first-time attraction after a long period of time. They will now seek advice from relationship experts on how to rekindle the lost spark in your relationship.

This is a book by a  relationship counselor and a former ps psychologist named James Bauer. In this book, he shares several secrets about men and what they actually want in a woman. Also, it shows some of the signals that you can use to make him love you and even wants to stay close to you forever

Please note that His secret obsession is not entirely for women, it can also be of huge benefit for men as well

Who is the Author?

This book is written by James Bauer who is a specialist in a romantic relationship. He began his career as a relationship coach, helping both men and women to find love.

James Bauer has also written several books on relationships, but His Secret Obsession has been the best seller. . According to James Bauer, the primary key to a man’s heart is an obsession the key to a man’s heart is an obsession.

What is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is a book designed mainly for women who want their men to love them the more. As a concept, this book uses emotional psychology to get your desired results in a relationship. His Secret Obsession provides women with tools that can help them keep their men happy in the relationship.

How does His secret Obsession work?

According to James Bauer, all men are secretly obsessed with feeling irreplaceable. They really want their women to make them feel they are the only man they need. All men are powerfully drawn to anything that makes them feel that way. If you can make him feel this way,  then he will be obsessed with you. In His Secret Obsession book James Bauer, he says that nothing in the world can satisfy that need like a woman.

So, if a woman can track the secret obsession of a man and work with it accordingly, she can make her man affectionate for her.

What Is Included in His Secret Obsession?

This is an ebook that is downloadable after purchase and also has an audio part. It features 17 modules that span two major parts: The Hero Instinct and 12-Word Secret Signal.

Let us briefly  look at them one after the other

Part 1- The Hero Instinct

Hero instinct is a popular trait that all men possess deep in their DNA. This is a trait that makes all men feel like superheroes. It is the deepest desire that all people have. It is the desire for meaning and purpose. Men don’t get fulfillment and meaning from being with women.

This section focus on understanding the male mind and lays the foundation for part 11. A great deal of psychology is contained within this section, but don’t get despaired because  Bauer explains the concepts in simple language

Part 2-The 12-Word Secret Signal

It has been proven that words have a special ability to influence people greatly. James conducted extensive research and conducted various tests to discover a sequence word that triggers feelings of love and commitment in men. This is what this part is all about.

On his website, Bauer tells the story of Rachel, a client who won her boyfriend back with a simple text which reads: “I’ve realized that I won’t be happy without you in my life.” This part explores why this text was so effective and how you can integrate those fundamentals into your texts, speech, and other behaviors.

Visit the Official His Secret Obsession Website for an Overview by the Author.

The techniques involved in His Secret Obsession 

James Bauer also provides readers with a bunch of techniques and strategies to help a woman send secret signals and stimulate the hero instinct in a man. These techniques are discussed briefly below

1. The Damsel in Distress Signal

Most men have a natural instinct to protect  women, and activating this drive can be an effective way to foster initial interest. Bauer also discusses using this signal long-term, but we are not sure we agree with him on that front.

2. The Glimpse Phase

The focus here is on showing a person what they have to gain from being in a relationship with you. We all probably understand this concept on a subconscious level, but most people do not think about selling themselves in this manner or even have the tools to do it without it seeming like a sales pitch.

3. The Fascination Signal

This signal helps to spark an inner attraction that will make him emotionally attached to you. Using this signal in your conversation will make him irresistible and he will think about you all the time.

Being fascinated by your lover is the key to a vigorous love affair—even one that lasts decades..

4. The I owe you  Signal

Bauer discusses swapping out the common “I love you” phrase for these three words instead. The author explains how it catches the attention of the male mind and how you can use it to focus that attention. Hearing this from you will make him more sure to rely on you and to talk to you about his secrets.

5. The Silent Action Signals

The most famous of the silent signals women send to men is the hair flip. Every adult woman is aware of many of these signals, but here, Bauer discusses a number of signals that neither woman on our review team was familiar with and which are intended to trigger the hero instinct.

6. “The Private Island” Signal

This signal helps to let your man consider you as the perfect one for himself.

7. The “Ex-Back” Signal

This is a great term to solve your recent breakup problems. All you have to do is to use the 12 words.

 Pros of His Secret Obsession

  • There is no waiting to get the book, you will download it instantly after making payment
  • Your purchase is backed up by a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose
  • Features a lot of practical and actionable advice and tips for a better relationship
  • Backed by clinical research and written by a relationship expert with several years of experience
  • It is also available in an audio format. The voice in this audiobook is composed and poised

 Cons of His Secret Obsession

  • It is too expensive when compared to similar books
  • You can only purchase this book online

Price and Refund Policy

This book is only sold online for $47, If you are unsure of the price, the good news is that it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You actually have 60 days to claim your refund, which is plenty of time to read the book.


His Secret Obsession is one of the more comprehensive relationship guides on the market, and it certainly lived up to that reputation.

We strongly recommend this book to every woman out there who wants a long-lasting relationship

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