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Testosterone provides men with motivation, strength , fertility and a whole lot of benefits. As men grow old, the level of testosterone begin to decline, sometimes even young men experience a decline in testosterone levels due to an underlying medical condition. Low level of testosterone apart from affecting libido can also be an embarrassing case to deal with. This is the reason why men with low level of testosterone never seek medical treatment. To make matters worst, some traditional medicine offers little or no solution to this problem due to their dangerous side effects. To some men ,it is too expensive to get a lasting solution to low level of testosterone. Do you feel the same way? Are you a victim of low level of testosterone and you have tried different supplements or pills but none worked as expected? Then you need Testogen.

Testogen is a dietary supplement formulated to help men increases their T levels naturally and efficiently. It contains natural ingredients which can help to “stop low T”. If you are a man in your 30’s or 40’s,then you are the main target for this supplement. Do you desire this supplement, want to know whether it is the best option for you or worth your money? Then read my entire review in order to make a better decisions to either buy or not


Testogen is a testosterone booster sold online that safely increases your natural testosterone levels using herbal extracts and other natural ingredients. These ingredients have been scientifically and clinically proven to help support your body’s production of testosterone even as you age.


Testogen gives your body what it needs to produce more testosterone. It does this by the following ways

  • Helps your body produce more testosterone by producing luteinizing hormone. The level of luteinizing is increased by d- aspartic acid. This hormone stimulates the Leydig cell in your testes to produce and release testosterone. The D- aspartic acid present in testogen increases luteinizing hormone by as much as 33% and testosterone levels by 42% in less than 2 weeks. Testogen contains natural antioxidants like zinc and vitamin D and k which protects your Leydig cells from oxidative damage.
  • Testogen slows the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which results in your testosterone levels staying higher for longer even as you age.
  • Testogen contains ingredients clinically proven to decrease SHBG levels and reduce the amount of testosterone that binds with SHBG. This results in more free testosterone available for your body to use. Testogen helps you feel more physically and mentally energetic, improves your ability to build muscle and burn body fat and boost your overall mood, confidence, and happiness.


  • Testogen contains only natural, tested ingredients like d-aspartic acid, fenugreek, and zinc to support healthy testosterone levels
  • Only requires that you take four capsules each morning to effortlessly boost your testosterone and improve the symptom of low T
  • You can expect to see an improvement in your energy levels, mood, focus, and vitality in as little as two weeks, and muscle and strength gains within just one month alongside your regular training program


Testogen contains eleven all-natural, scientifically-backed testosterone-boosting ingredients

D- ASPARTIC ACID ( 2352mg)– This causes a 42% increase in testosterone after 12 days,33% increase in luteinizing hormone after 12  days,15% increase in testosterone after 6 days. This is an amino acid that supports the production of luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland. This hormone stimulates the Leydig cells of your testes to produce and release testosterone. D-aspartic acid boosts your testosterone production by increasing your luteinizing hormone results.

FENUGREEK EXTRACT (40mg)– This causes 46% increases of testosterone after 12 days,10% increase in testosterone after 4 weeks,14% increase in testosterone after 8 weeks. Fenugreek contains furostanolic saponins which boost testosterone production by inhibiting the enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen. Fenugreek also supports energy, libido, strength, mood, fat loss.

Zinc (10mg)- Zinc cause a 50% increase in testosterone after 6 months,79% decreases in testosterone caused by a low-zinc diet, 33% increase in testosterone after 8 weeks. The zinc in testogen helps protect you against zinc deficiency, supporting healthy testosterone levels. Zinc all supports energy, performance, libido

Vitamin D3 (50mcg). – This causes a 20% increase in testosterone over 12 months, an 18% increase in testosterone over 9 months,7% decrease in SHBG over 9 months.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract( 40mg)– This causes a 29% increase in libido, 6% improvement in ED symptoms, 33% increase in satisfaction. Ginsenosides increase levels of dopamine and acetylcholine in the brain neurotransmitters which are linked to desire and arousal.

Boron( 8mg)– Causes a 28% increase in testosterone after one week, 39% decrease in estradiol after one week, 33% decrease in SHBG after 6 hours.

Nettle leaf Extract( 40mg) – Nettle leaf Extract causes a 67% decrease in SHBG binding to DHT. Stinging nettle roots contain compounds called Logan’s which prevent a protein called SHBG from binding itself to testosterone hence allowing free testosterone to circulate around your body. Research also suggested that stinging nettle may help stop testosterone from being converted into estrogen, thereby keeping your testosterone levels higher for longer.

Magnesium (200mg) – Magnesium increases both free and total testosterone with men who exercise benefitting from the biggest increase. This means the more active you are, the bigger the testosterone boost you will get from magnesium.

Vitamin B6 (20mg) – lack of vitamin B6 causes lower testosterone and increased estrogen levels. This implies that vitamin B6 is necessary to the testosterone production process. It is important to increase your intake of vitamin B6 as you get older, especially for testosterone production which declines as you age

Vitamin k(20mcg) – Vitamin k helps your body to absorb the vitamin D in the testogen formula more efficiently. It increases the vitamin D’s testosterone boosting effects

Bioperine 95% piperine(5mg)- This causes a 30% increase in bioavailability. Bioperine is derived from black pepper and increases the bioavailability of testogen’s ingredients by up to 30%, this means that your body is able to absorb and use up to 30% more of each of the active ingredients in testogen than it would do without the Bioperine. Bioperine increases the effectiveness of testogen which means you get better results.



  • 100% filler-free
  • 100% gmo-free
  • 100% chemical-free
  • 100% synthetic-free
  • 100% gluten-free
  • 100% dairy-free
  • 100% caffeine-free
  • 100% safe, natural ingredients, no side effects.
  • Manufactured in the USA and UK in FDA approved facilities
  • Ingredients backed by over 25 clinical studies and research paper
  • Made with 11 highly effective natural ingredients



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